All your virtual events in one convenient place

Tired of searching through chat messages, websites and calendars for your meeting links? Now you can find, schedule and join all your online events from one place, without worrying which video platform is being used.

If you're a host, up your game with our event management and analytics tools.
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Gather your events in one place

Holding essential event information like time, frquency and the public or private link to join the virutal meeting. Forget sending links through email, securly allow your users to access your meetings, no searching for links required.

Host all your events regardless of the video platform you choose

Does your organisation or team meet on several different platforms? No problem! Make jumping between calls a breeze for your users and lose fewer people in the transition between calls, breakouts and platforms.
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Find, discover and join events

Find ways to connect with others virtually across all your weekly activities. Find public meets for your lifestyle, faith communities, gym or connect privately with your communities without fear of interruption from unwanted visitors.

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